MAPIX software

MAPIX software

Microarray image acquisition and analysis software
mapix laurence

Mapix® is a control, acquisition and analysis software for microarray, developped by the Innopsys computer engineer  for an optimal interaction with all the InnoScan® scanners.

Optimization and accuracy
  • Fast and accurate gridding
  • Optimal grid alignment
  • Automatic spot segmentation
  • Data normalization with the Lowess Smooth method


  • Highly interactive commands
  • Navigation ergonomy
  • Customizable interface

  • Plug-in import and management
  • Autofocus system adaptation
  • Wide dynamic range (20-bit images)
  • Automatic flagging tools
  • Evolution and regular update

  • Adapted to most of the microarray slide format, industrial or home-made
  • TIFF 16-bit and 20-bit files for images analysis 
  • GAL file loading and creation
  • Result table export in both TXT and GPR formats
  • Ergonomic software
  • Easy gridding
  • Compatible with almost of the available analysis softawre